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Not All Jet Boats Are Created The Same


Yamaha is the #1 selling jet boat brand


Yamaha outsells all other competitive jet boats 6 to 1


Yamaha Boasts 30 Years of experience in jet propulsion. The competition: 1 year.


Yamaha has a 20 year history of dealers with jet drive experience. Competition: 1 year.

Yamaha all the way through

Yamaha manufacturers and stands by every part of every boat.  All Yamaha boats feature a proven Yamaha marine engine that is built together with the boat for maximum efficiency, performance and handling.  The competition outsources its jet boat engines and will place them in an existing boat design that was created around other power systems.  And who stands by what when something fails?


Yamaha uses open loop cooling, which is not only maintenance free, but also the preferred cooling system by 99% of the marine industry.

Yamaha’s Shallow Draft = Peace of Mind

Yamaha wake boats have a draft of just 1’, 8” with no lower unit hanging below the waterline. This provides added peace of mind especially considering inboard and forward drive boats often draw 3-4X the amount of water compared to a Yamaha Jet boat.


(GPH = Gallons Per Hour)
  Yamaha 242X Chaparral 243 VRX
GPH @ 30mph 9.5 11.6
GPH @ 50mph 23.5 33.1

Two gallons an hour difference could cost up to $600 more per year to run the Chaparral under average use (50 days a year, 3 hours each day average running, $4/gal marina gas)

Wakesurf Worthy

Yamaha’s 242X was the only jet boat named to the sweet sixteen of boats that WAKEBOARDING Magazine deemed “wakesurf” worthy in their special edition Wakesurf issue.

Yamaha Jet Boats are more intuitive in reverse vs. the competition

All Yamaha Jet Boats feature a reverse thrust that turns the boat in the same direction as you turn the steering wheel, just like your car and every other non-jet boat in the market place.

This is due to the Yamaha reverse gate being attached to the jet pump nozzle so that the reverse thrust is coordinated with the steering wheel.

On all competitive Jet Boats, their reverse directs the boat in the opposite direction that the steering wheel is turned, which is very confusing and opposite of every other boat in the market.

Clean Out Ports

Yamaha boats all feature jet pump clean out ports that allow debris to be removed from the jet pump without getting in the water.  Since this is a patented technology, you won’t find it on any other jet boat.  Boating Magazine noted the lack of this feature when reviewing the Chaparral 243 VXR:

No jet-pump access from within the boat means removing thrust-robbing grass by getting in the water or putting the boat on a trailer.

Boating Magazine, Feb 2015

Articulating Keel

Yamaha boats are the only brand of jet boats to feature an Articulating Keel for better maneuverability and tracking at all speeds.  Without this technology, competitive boats experience less comfort, poor tracking over wakes and rough side seas, and less predictability of straight lined travel.  Additionally, the Articulating Keel enhances water sports by holding the boat in a straight line when towing.  As WAKEBOARDING Magazine noted in Feb 2016:

This innovation (Articulating Keel) keeps the boat’s rear end from sliding out when towing someone, and allows it to track better and maneuver more easily at docking speeds.

Yamaha Total Package and Price Transparency

Yamaha considers every option standard and has one clear price that includes everything.  Other jet boat companies start with a base price that quickly rises as items that should be standard are added on.  This includes bimini tops, bow filler cushions, premium carpet, port storage areas, touch screen controls, and premium trailer options among other choices. When you “build a boat” with the competition, be ready to add thousands of dollars to the base price.  With Yamaha, everything is included as standard for the price you see.

OEM Backed Financing

As a global leader in the marine industry, only Yamaha has the relationships and resources to offer its customers the highest levels of company backed financing.

The Gold Standard in Jet Boats

In conclusion, it’s clear who created the jet boat category, who perfected it over decades and who the brand of choice is for more customers.  Yamaha jet boats are the gold standard by which all others are measured.  Even Boating Magazine said as much:

Yamaha’s 242 Limited S is the latest in a generation of jets that set aside the watercraft culture, offering solid construction and a feel when underway that’s similar to that of a prop-drive boat. That was the target Chaparral had to aim at…

Boating Magazine